Autum Ashante, 13, denied acceptance to UCONN after they sent her an acceptance letter.

*When the college acceptance letters come rolling in, parents everywhere poke out their chests and congratulate their kids. Fathers walk around handing out cigars like the child is being born. This is reasonable behavior because it is an exciting opportunity to be accepted to an institution of higher learning.

The child’s life begins all over again, but as a young adult. For the first time they will make use of the lessons the parent has instilled in them…hopefully. And the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming for both the child and the parents to know that they earned this acknowledgement, especially from a prestigious university.

But, Autum Ashante is still a baby…well she has just become a teenager at the ripe age of 13.  That’s right! That is not a typo, she is really 13 and headed to college.  (more…)