*Although it looks like the world is in shambles and there’s plenty of lawlessness going on around us, God is still important to most folks.

The Christian Post revealed that a new Ipsos MORI poll has found that religion still matters to most people in the world.

The global survey looked at the views of over 18,000 people across 24 countries, including the U.K. and U.S.

Seven in 10 of those surveyed said they had a religion but there was a marked difference between Christians and Muslims when it came to the importance they placed on their faith.

In Muslim-majority countries, 94 percent of those with a religion agreed that their faith was important in their lives, compared to 66 percent in Christian-majority countries.

Muslims were far more likely to believe that their religion was the only true path to salvation, liberation or paradise – 61 percent compared to 19 percent in Christian-majority countries. In the U.S., 32 percent said their faith or religion was the only true path.

They were also more likely to say that their faith or religion was a key motivator in giving time and money to people in need – 61 percent compared to 24 percent in primarily Christian societies.

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