*Sunday night, the Golf Channel tweeted that Tiger Woods would make an announcement at 11 a.m. live this morning, and the golfer would be interviewed by the network’s Kelly Tilghman about the subject.

After all the hype and speculation surrounding the tweet, including talk of possible retirement or maybe a new scandal, the Associated Press reported this morning that there wouldn’t be any such announcement.

“There’s an erroneous report that he’s making an announcement, but he’s not,” Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg told The AP.

What happened at 11 a.m. was an announcement from Steinberg of his decision to sign with Excel Sports Management as a partner, heading up the firm’s foray into golf representation; and that he is bringing Tiger along with him from IMG.

The tweet from Golf Channel was deleted this morning and the network posted a story on their website saying Tilghman would be interviewing Woods’ agent Steinberg “about his business endeavors” and “Woods would not be present during the interview.”