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Jerry B. Long (a/k/a: Kokane)

*With one of the most controversial videos to be released in the last 15 years, Multi-Platinum Rap recording artist “JERRY B. LONG aka KOKANE” has created a firestorm of controversy surrounding the release of his new song entitled “INSPIRATION FOR ELEVATION” which deals with the Presidency of Barack Obama.

The new video/song is from the forthcoming album entitled “THE LEGEND CONTINUES… KOKANE” which will be hitting the streets in late August 2011 on the artist’s new label called BUD E BOY ENTERTAINMENT.

Catapulted to fame on the West Coast music scene via collaborations with artists such as DR DRE, SNOOP DOGG, ICE CUBE, TOO SHORT, GEORGE DUKE & STANLEY CLARK and E-40 just to name a few, “JERRY B. LONG aka KOKANE” eventually caught the attention of Rap artists outside of the Western region and before long, Multi-Platinum artists from the East Coast such as P DIDDY, BUSTA RHYMES and 50 CENT had come knocking at his door for that signature “G-FUNK SOUND.”

Currently enjoying world-wide success with new collaborations with SNOOP DOGG, TOO SHORT, NIPSEY HUSSLE, JAY ROCK and WC just to name a few, JERRY B. LONG aka KOKANE knew he was going to be the subject of discussion when he put out the new video for the song entitled “INSPIRATION FOR ELEVATION.” One listen to the lyrics of this song and it will be quite obvious to the listener “WHY THERE IS SO MUCH INTERNET CHATTER ASSOCIATED WITH THIS MUSICAL OFFERING.”

As an artist who never shied away from thought provoking lyrics, KOKANE has mainly been a Rap artist who thrived in  the “Underground Movement” within the HIP HOP community, but now all that is definitely about to change with the release of this album.

Too raw to be aired on BET TV or other mainstream video channels, “INSPIRATION FOR ELEVATION” caught fire on the Internet and now the all powerful “word of mouth” has started to spread information about this new video and the feedback has been “Extremely Positive” from 100% of the people who have viewed the footage. Comments such as “hard to the bone,” “straight talk” and “speak the real” describe the people’s feelings about this song and it’s lyrics.

With one listen to “INSPIRATION FOR ELEVATION” it will be easy to understand why there is so much talk about this video. Love it or hate it, we have to appreciate and congratulate “KOKANE” for having the intestinal fortitude to record and release this video at a time in the music industry when most Rap artists are doing songs that speak about “drug dealing and candy painted cars.”

All we ask you to do is to view the video for yourself and you be the judge.

To contact JERRY B. LONG aka KOKANE, email Mr. Lee Ford Jr. at: [email protected] or call 818-934-3942




Stan Sheppard
[email protected]