*It’s nice to find out when there are entertainers who have brains. And John Legend is one of ‘em. The soulful singer is actually an educated man with a degree from the University of Pennsylvania and he hasn’t stopped learning yet.

In fact, while he continues to educate himself, he’s inspiring youth around the country to get through school successfully.

He has joined forces with P&G and Communities in Schools for GIVE Education, a campaign developed to help increase awareness and fight the student dropout crisis in the U.S. — according to the campaign, every nine seconds of each school day, a young person drops out of high school in the U.S, according to the BoomBox.

He has launched a campaign in the Big Apple to shine some light on the campaign brandSAVER with discounts for P&G products. For every product purchased with the coupon, the company will donate two cents to help bring education resources and financial aid to families and their students.

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