*There are just some people who never learn their lesson.

Singer Leona Lewis may be guilty for stealing her latest single, “Collide.” But there is no guarantee. Whether or not it was stolen, it didn’t receive rave reviews.

In fact, some say it was a terrible.

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack declared it “a misguided dip into dance-pop” that “lands with a major thud” in his review of the track, which appears in the forthcoming issue of the magazine. (In other words, it’s no “Buffalo Stance.”

So on the stolen tip, she’s been accused of ripping the song from artist Avicii, who has a track called “Penguin.”

According to reports, the new single is just another version of Avicii’s song.

But Lewis is denying it.

With regards to my song, avicii was aware & agreeing publishing splits for himself and his manager,” Lewis tweeted. “When avicii sent his track out to have a song written over it I totally fell in love with this version and I think he’s super talented.”

And Avicii responded via Twitter: “To answer everyone, the first time i heard leona lewis collide was today,” Avicii (né Tim Bergling) wrote. “I didnt produce it and neither me or my manager could approve it.”

Then a tweet was sent to Lewis directly, an invite to clear things up. In the meantime, check out each song below for any similarity: