*Lil Mama has been publically and privately criticized since her debut. At a appearance on a morning radio show, the artist was brought to tears after insults about her face and her lack of relevance and talent, she burst into tears.

“I’m not here to encourage anybody to support me. I’m not here for none of that. I’m just here to let you know what it is. You take it or leave it,” the “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge said through her tears.

The Breakfast Club at New York’s Power 105.1 told Lil Mama she uses gimmicks to stay in the spotlight and of course added a few insults to make a listener cringe.

Co-host Charlamagne seemed to lead the charge against the “Lip Gloss” artist, even making unflattering remarks about her looks.

“If your face was the Bible, it’d be the Old Testament,” said Charlamagne, who also continued to press her about new music. “Ain’t nobody checking for Lil Mama in the streets,” he said while reiterating that her biggest claim to fame is hopping onstage during an Alicia Keys and Jay-Z performance of “Empire State of Mind.”

“Everybody bashed me and tried to treat me like a criminal,” she said referring to the scaring event.

Some of the callers were a bit more sensitive and kind with their words. But the artist was a bit hurt by the lack of support among her peers.

“I get very angry. Why is it that my community does not accept me and respect me for being a young Black woman coming out of East NY Brooklyn and Harlem and still being in television and whatever else that I can be apart of to be a positive influence to other young girls that come from my community?” she asked before responding to her own question. “The answer is that the people supported something-a part about me that I sort of let go: music, dance. That’s where hip hop lives,” she said.

She added that she’ll be getting back to her music soon. Her teenage album was difficult as her mother was dying of cancer.