*Fabulous hair stylist, Dwight Eubanks, we all know from fan favorite reality drama series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had a few departing strands of wisdom as he explained his reasons for not returning to the show.

From the catty drama filled conversation and ridiculous issues, Eubanks is a bit perturbed by the lack of reality and substance in television today.

“We can entertain you, but you still need to be educated. That’s what’s lacking in the television industry. It’s so much buffoonery and craziness out there. I just can’t do it. I refuse to do it.”

In the midst of it all, he too was turned off by the show’s lack of interest in the salon, complaining that he really joined to promote his business. However, he feels the cameras never truly captured what he did in his salon.

“It was very time-consuming and I only did the Real Housewives of Atlanta to promote [his Purple Door Salon] and out of three years, they have not yet shown what I really do. I’ve had a salon for over 25 years and they just refuse to show it. It does not make sense,” he explained.

Although he’s not quite satisfied with the results of the show, there may be another shot for him in the future to show off his talent on television. According to the stylist, he may have his own show.

“They’re still trying to figure out what to do with me,” he says, explaining why his hair-focused reality show has yet to finish filming. “You have to realize: I’m 50 years old. Therefore, it has to be something that makes sense and has substance.”