*There was no contest, but perhaps some needed to be sure who is the sexiest.

Former football player Isaiah Mustafa has been the face of Old Spice for some time now. Recently, if you haven’t noticed, Fabio has been attempting to take the spotlight.

Nice try.

So, in a series of videos up until Thursday, the two pitchmen went head to head in a series of battles for the top spot. They held staring and whistling contests, and gave advice on writing love letters and working out.

At the end of the day, the best man was named the winner — Mustafa of course.

When asked if he was worried about who’d come out on top, he told the Associated Press it was a breeze.

“Not at all,” he said. “There are so many fans that enjoy the Old Spice Guy, there’s not really a calling for him to disappear.”

Mustafa said he expects to stay on as Old Spice pitchman “as long as people like the character and are having fun with it.” Meanwhile, he continues to pursue his acting career in TV and movies including small roles in the current comedy “Horrible Bosses” and next year’s “Three Stooges” movie.