*Here’s a mind bending thought. It’s been almost two decades since “The Arsenio Hall Show” wrapped. However, Hall says he’s down for doing it again.

“I’d have to change my name to Nick Cannon and live with Mariah [Carey]. But I think it’s a perfect time for that personally. Give me a microphone. My son’s 11 and he can drive himself to school. I’m ready to host!”

He was asked if he was serious about wanting to revisit a talk show and noted:

“It’s pretty crowded out there. I’m not sure if it’s too crowded for a 55-year-old guy to re-emerge, but if they give me a little daylight I’m gonna slide into it.”

Hall shared his thoughts while speaking to reporters during a PBS panel about an Ed Sullivan Comedy Special premiering August 6 at the Television Critics Association (TCA) meetings going down in Beverly Hills, CA.