*“Basketball Wives” is everything you want in a reality-drama show.

As the season wraps up and the finale episode is just around the corner, the anticipation is definitely killing fans. But here’s a little insight. You ain’t seen drama until you’ve seen the finale.

Earlier this week, Twitter timelines previewed the show, exposing that it’s going to get heated between Jen and her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Eric Williams.

After going through a contentious divorce, wrought with arguments and drama, the two sat down for dinner-perhaps to discuss the end of their relationship. During the course of the night, things got-predictably-heated and Williams threw a drink in his wife’s face.

Dang! Talk about drama, not to mention, disrespect. Why didn’t he just spit in her face?

Fans were outraged when the clip aired (see it below), but Williams didn’t seem to care. He went to Twitter to explain why he threw a drink on his ex-wife.

Shiddd!! Jesus had 2 cast out 7 Demons from that One Hoe Mary!! She turned out fine, So why u Hoes Mad at Me… LMAO!!,” Williams tweeted “Ahh. I [see] things [are] back to normal on my page. Hoes Hating cause I through HOE-LY Water on a Woman who had a Demon in her. I tried 2 Cast it out!”

OK Eric, don’t be surprised to see and hear the phrase “bitch-ass-ness” used in the same sentence with your name from now on.