*The Sacramento Bee reports that there is something new – and unusual – going on at Mount Olive Baptist Church.

It’s called a Kingdom Partnership. It is focused on what the church needs to do to remain relevant in today’s society and its goal is to help the struggling community around it.

“The majority of churches that were full 20 years ago are half full or less today. Most are having church to do two things – pay the bills and pay the pastor’s salary,” said the Rev. Kenneth Paramore, pastor of Christ Centered Church. “Some pastors would rather preach to 20 people and have their names on the (church) sign rather than do real ministry. We can either come together or die a slow death.”

In the African-American community, the church has historically been a staple. It served as a community hub, where people could find sanctuary from a hostile world, and an arena for spurring communal action to make life better.

Over the years, the church’s central role in the black community has diminished.
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