*Culture reports that Pro-lifers and Christians are concerned that a bill circulating the California legislature could undermine parental authority and endanger minors.

Assembly Bill 499 would allow minors 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care related to “the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.” Under the measure, children could agree to vaccinations like Gardasil without parental notification, and taxpayers would completely fund the treatments.

“It really is again opening the door wider and wider, because apparently the door is already open in California for the state to decide what is best for our children — not the parents,” says Paul E. Rondeau, director of communications for the American Life League (ALL).

Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign A.B. 499 into law, and Rondeau warns about the message that California is sending to its children and young people.

“The premise of that is that 12-year-old boys and girls are having sex, need to have sex, it’s okay to have sex, and that their parents should not be notified or have anything to do with it,” he laments. “Meanwhile, if they want a Tylenol or an Aspirin from school, they need a note from their parents. So, it’s funny how [to some politicians] sex seems to be a priority for young people in California, whereas general health is not.”

Current California law only permits minors to consent to some forms of medical or dental treatment.