*Gloria Govan recently took to Twitter to share her impatience for rumor starters after word started circulating that she and her man Matt Barnes split.

Supposedly the basketball player grew weary of her “reckless talk” and left her, and right before her big “Basketball Wives” debut tonight on VH1.

People are always going to try and find a way to bring you down,” she tweeted late last week, neither confirming nor denying the breakup. “Your rumors aren’t going to ruin my last day in paradise, sorry!!! SMH

But it’s not far from believable because the couple’s relationship has been called into question before, being that they were supposed to have wed last year. But just days before the nuptials were to be said, the ceremony was called off.

Also, there was talk about a domestic dispute between the two, forcing Matt to later clear up domestic violence charges last year October.

On the subject of being “in paradise,” when one of her 28,000+ followers asked Gloria if she was on a cast trip, the reality TV star just tweeted, “:-D… Lol I’m pleading the 5th.”

“Basketball Wives: LA” premieres tonight, Monday Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. E/P on VH1.