*Remember last week when we told you about the Twitter fight Jennifer Hudson got into with a fan/follower?
Here’s what the fan/follower said:

“Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?”

“B*tch you have crows feet, laugh lines, your knees knocked, and on the Essence cover you had stretch marks. Do you really?”

“Your last cd hit six feet so the only way your getting paid is to starve and rotate them tired a** WW commercials… Your husband is gay, everybody knows but your blind a**. But you can’t see that because your starving ass is going nuts.”

Hudson could only take so much and fired back with:

“lol u funny! Thank u for your hate n clearly the gym ain’t working for u cuz u look a mess.”

“Watch what u say cuz I might have to buy a plane/flight n come show u some of my Southside n then come back home to where…your not!”

“No Really , I don’t understand y u r so mad! Like which song did I sing that just pissed u off, or which award? Or was it the weight loss? Or my idol day? What made u so bitter? or is it all those things? Or the fact that I’m still here?”


Well after Madame Hudson had a moment to chill, she went on Chicago’s WGCI radio and explained what set her off … other than the obvious:

“I don’t know why, but somewhere along this weight loss people forgot that I am from Chicago,” she told the Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot show.

“I feel as though, don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face.”

“I don’t know, somewhere along the lines, people think they can talk to celebrities any kind of way … we are people, too. Just the same as you want your respect, we want ours.”