*New Age recording artist “MARLENA JETER” could never in a million years have imagined that her new EP of “beautiful mood music” entitled “SERENITY” would catch the attention of Multi-Platinum artists in Pop Music and in “Hard Core” Rap Music as well !

As strange as this sounds, that is precisely what is happening with this new project and from all early indicators, the music industry might just be witnessing 2011’s most “Unusual Breakout Artist Of The Year” award in the making.

MARLENA JETER has been touring and singing with recording industry royalty such as “ELTON JOHN”, “LINDA RONDSTAT”, “LIONEL RICHIE”, “AARON NEVELL” and “TIMOTHY SCHMIT” of “THE EAGLES” for over 20 years and now she has embarked on a new phase of her career which culminated in the production of this new album called “SERENITY” which is being released through LADY J ENT.

The new album first started making in-roads in the Hip Hop community when super producer “DJ BATTLECAT” ( producer of Platinum hits for SNOOP DOGG, DR DRE, BUSTA RHYMES ) heard the recordings in a Los Angeles studio and started to share the information about the album with other artists and producers because he was so blown away by what he heard. Then, the Multi-Platinium Rap artist named “KOKANE” heard the project and he immediately became a MARLENA JETER fan and he too started to spread the word to everyone he came into contact with. As “DJ BATTLECAT” put it. “when I want to kick back, relax and forget any negatives in my life I put on some MARLENA JETER and I’m good.”

Equally impressive were the quotes from “TIMOTHY SCHMIT” of “THE EAGLES”
who said “Marlena’s voice is only exceeded by having the pleasure of meeting her in person. When you experience the whole package, you are in for a treat. A truly beautiful singer in every way.”

Linda Rondstat, who has also performed extensively with Marlena Jeter also stated, “Marlena’s voice sounds like pieces of silk chiffon floating on the breeze.”

Listening to this new album, it is quite obvious that MARLENA JETER is a New Age star in the making. Her beautiful musical textures and melodic vocals are a work of beauty that should be experienced by everyone. Now do yourself a favor … “GO TO iTUNES and other digital outlets and GET IT NOW. YOU WILL LOVE IT.”




Stan Sheppard
[email protected]