*Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams is working on her fourth album, but she’s not too sure when the project will be released.

“I am working on it now and doing the recordings for it,” Williams told The Celebrity Café. “There are so many artists coming out, so I’m not exactly sure when it’s going to come out, but we’re expecting to have the official news about the album coming out soon.”

In keeping with her spiritual style and uplifting music, the singer says fans can expect an album of dance and inspiration.

“The sound and themes that I’m going for are inspiration and some hope that still makes people dance and think positive of situations in the world,” she says. “It seems that everything going on now is so heartbreaking. I just want to remind people that we still have lives to live and purpose to fulfill.”

In the meantime, she’s been busy with other work like touring for a play called, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know.”