After speaking to Johnny Britt for five minutes it is nearly impossible to not be infecting by his spirit; you can almost see the smile on his face on the other end of the phone. These days, Britt, formerly of Impromp2 has plenty of reason to smile; he recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary, completed a nationwide tour with Josh Groban and is on the eve of releasing his first solo album Feels So Good.

Stepping out on his own, and on faith, Mr. Britt set out in December of last year to work on Feels So Good. It was during these initial sessions that he received the call to tour with Josh Groban, sensing opportunity, he took it and hit the road. Soaking in the experience of the tour and drawing from the wealth of music in his mind, he completed an album that he was purposed to do. In his own words, he felt “free and unrestrained” to complete this album, he was able to experiment with sounds he’s loved for years, this was truly his album.

He didn’t have to look far for a theme for the album; his wife Arlene co-wrote nearly every song with him and when the dust settled, Feels So Good was a message of love for the world. The album is part-reminder, part-cautionary tale, part-testimony of what love can bring into your life.

The first single “Beautiful Queen” is a dedication to the women of the world and a reminder to the fellas that women are not to be taken for granted, they are far more than the fairer sex, but instead, they’re our wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends … beautiful queens. Leon, of The Five Heartbeats and The Temptations miniseries fame recently directed a video for the song and the message is something that we need to hear in a time when much of our music overlooks the beauty of love.

Beautiful Queen by EURnews

Songs like “Beautiful Queen” have been absent from heavy rotation for what seems like a long time, but that did not discourage Johnny Britt; his music is ordained by a much more powerful Program Director, God. A devout Christian, Johnny is using his music to spread a message of love for one another through his music, a message felt through the lyrics of title track “Feels So Good”, his first foray into reggae. It’s a track that celebrates his music being heard around the world, meaning, love is being spread around the world. The sound is less defined this time around, it’s soul, it’s jazz, it’s gospel, it’s R&B, it’s World music, this album is going to be for everyone.

Mr. Britt is wearing every hat this go round; he’s singing, playing trumpet, grand piano, arranging, producing, writing, booking dates, marketing himself, relying on old relationships and creating new ones to promote the upcoming record. That’s a lot of pressure for one man to handle, but we’re reminded of his purpose, the vision to share his heart with the world and it all seems like a day’s work.

Johnny Britt is a romantic. He loves his wife, his God, his music and people. The love he exudes is returned by friends that played on his album; Wah Wah Watson, Ray Parker Jr. and “Ready” Freddie Washington. Not to mention the current #1 single “Contact” by Boney James which he is a writer on. Johnny Britt’s love is poured all over Feels So Good for you, for me, for himself and wife of twenty-five years. Show your love by requesting “Beautiful Queen” on your local radion station and purchasing Feels So Good when it’s released in late September.

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