*There’s never a better time to make music than during heartbreak. Kenny Lattimore is getting ready to head back to the studio following a divorce from his wife of nine years, Chante Moore.

His new album already titled, “Back to Cool,” is expected to release in 2012. The project will be guided by Jill Scott’s producer J.R. Hudson and a little taste in the form of a song called “Built to Last” will be previewed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication ceremony.

“It’s a classic Kenny Lattimore song,” Lattimore, 41, told Recordnet. “It’s got lovely lyrics. It’s a love song about the ups and downs of being in a relationship. It’s a great song. I’m really honored. And I’m excited about the song. I’ve never sung this type of song before. It’s a big power ballad. It’s perfect for that celebration.”

As of now, the singer is taking baby steps to recovery and still has not signed with a label. But he’s doing it on purpose to give his music and team a chance to develop its own character.

“There’s something about having your own team and then combining with a major label,” Lattimore adds. “It seems to be working these days.”