*Star Jones has been going through a lot lately and it’s finally catching up with her it seems.

The former “The View” host nearly had a meltdown at the Bridgehampton Polo Club on Saturday when a security guard blocked her from stepping over a low fence.

She was joined by an entourage of about 10-12 people and sat in the Blue Star Jet VIP area. A source said Jones is typically treated well at the venue.

But when a handful of her guests and herself hopped over a low fence separating the VIP area and the rest of the field, she had a bit of a run-in with security.

According to the New York Daily News, the guard finally caught on to the fact that the polo partyers were getting into the VIP area via the wrong entrance. He told Jones she was “not allowed to step over the fence” and would have to go around it. That’s when she became “snarky,” with the guard, telling him he couldn’t speak to her that way. “I’ll step over if I want to!” she said. More than one source heard Jones bellow, becoming “livid.”

The uncomfortable guard, who was in his mid-20s, “didn’t really know what to do,” says our initial source, but stood his ground. “Sorry ma’am,” the insider says he politely replied, with Jones forced to walk around to the proper entrance.

Sources say that’s not the only time she showed her true colors Saturday. Although she seemed in a good mood around friends and celebs like Beth Stern, with whom she happily posed for a photo, she “snubbed” less-well-known polo fanciers.

A spokesman for Star Jones said the Daily News story is “100% inaccurate” and that the television personality had “a pleasurable day.”