*Whoopi Goldberg was so moved by the plight of a kitten that was rescued last month after being tossed out of a moving vehicle that she ended up seeking out the feline and adopting it.

The kitten was tossed out of a vehicle driving down Verrazano Bridge in New York City. The frightened animal was found wedged by a barrier on the busy road bridge and was taken to the New York Animal Care & Control Center.

After spending two months there, the cat – a Russian blue breed – was allowed to be taken home by Whoopi. Writing on her Facebook page, she revealed: “I adopted him and I was finally able to take him home.”

Although the cat had initially been named Verrazano after the bridge where he was found, “The View” host revealed she has decided to call her new pet “Vinny.”

Following the huge media coverage of Vinny’s plight, 140 adoption applications were made by animal lovers but the 55-year-old actress was chosen to be his owner.