*Damon Wayans Jr. begins a second season of ABC’s “Happy Endings” tonight as one of a group of friends in Chicago who are rocked when the couple that brought them together – Alex and Dave – break up.

Wayans’ character, Brad Williams, works for a big Chicago investment firm and is married to the high-strung Jane (Eliza Coupe), who pretty much bosses him around.

Going into season 2, “I think you’ll be able to see more dimensions of each character, to show other parts of Jane and other parts of Brad and their relationship,” Wayans tells EURweb.

Adds Coupe, “The framework is set for all these characters and I think we’re gonna fill it in and really put some flesh on the bones [this season].”

Wayans, as widely reported, had already shot the pilot for Fox’s freshman comedy “New Girl” when he got the word that “Happy Endings” was being renewed.

He wishes the “New Girl: well, but says he’s happy to remain with “Happy.”  And with an ensemble cast of comedic actors on set, Wayans says the atmosphere is very rarely, unhappy.

“I live for a laugh, I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh so I’m always looking for it,” he said. “Even when people are being serious, I’ll still laugh because they’re being that serious. I don’t take really anything seriously – except for getting paid.”

Taking it a step further, Wayans said: “Even during takes we try and make each other break in the scenes. We try to actually make our days longer – just for a laugh. That’s the ship we’re running.”

In the bonus audio below, Wayans says the cast is more in-sync this second time around.

Damon Wayans Jr of Happy Endings on the cast becoming more comfortable in season 2 by CherieNic