Morgan Freeman attends the "Dolphin Tale" premiere at The Village theater in Westwood. (Sept. 17, 2011)

*Morgan Freeman is back in theaters Friday playing a doctor who builds a prosthetic tail for a dolphin in order to save its life.

“Dolphin Tale” is based on the true story of Winter, a Florida dolphin who lost her tail after being snagged in a crab trap.  The celluloid version follows young Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) as he rallies everyone around him to help save the mammal. Winter’s journey, in turn, underscores the importance of family, friends and strangers pulling together during life’s hardships.

“I thought it was a good story. It’s real good family fare – no crashes, no chases, no sex,” Freeman, 74, told EURweb in roundtable interviews for the film.  “It’s very kid friendly, and I have young grandkids and great-grandkids, so the idea of having them be able to go and see something like that and get a little bit of a boost in some of the values that are out there to learn in life, it’s good to be involved in that.”

(L-R) Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson, Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy, Austin Highsmith as Phoebe, Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Hazel Haskett and Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Clay Haskett in Alcon Entertainment’s “Dolphin Tale.”

Harry Connick Jr. plays a vet who rescues the mammal and brings her to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium hospital he runs. Ashley Judd plays the boy’s mother while Freeman portrays Dr. Cameron McCarthy – who in 2005 built a prosthetic tail for Winter after her original one had to be amputated following the crab trap incident. Not only does the good doctor help Winter continue living, but he saves the marine hospital in the process.

The movie was shot on location in Clearwater, which offers plenty of extra-curricular activity to enjoy during breaks from filming – that is, unless you’re Morgan Freeman, who prefers to spend the down time in his hotel room.

He explains below.

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