*So what do you think of Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars? Seems like a hellava ggood idea to us.

Well apparently new Oscar producer Brett Ratner (director of the “Rush Hour” franchise with Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan and the upcoming “Tower Heist” starring Murphy along with Ben Stiller) thinks so too, according to Frank Holder’s HumorMillmag.com.

When you factor in that Murphy’s one of the biggest comedic actors in the world and is totally at home on a stage either doing sketch comedy (hello, remember his classic years doing “Saturday Night Live”) or doing stand up in front of thousands, you’ve got the potential for a blockbuster evening of entertainment next February.

We hear it’s all but a done deal, but we should find out next week one way or the other because Ratner is said to be meeting with the Academy board members on Tuesday.

We say let’s do it. Eddie Murphy is the perfect choice.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards is scheduled for February 26, 2012.