Universite de Montreal Business School freshman standing in black face and recorded by another student, Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

*What?  America isn’t the only country with race issues?  No, we have never been, but it appears that we’re the most reported when it comes to race issues.   But who knew that Canadians had a history of using blackface to denigrate the black community?

CNN aired a report yesterday showing a group of white students dressed in blackface in what appeared to be a stadium setting.  The group of white freshman at Universite de Montreal’s business school stood in Jamaican colors holding a Jamaican flag with their skin painted black.

A McGill law student, Anthony Morgan, who is also of Jamaican descent, was walking by when he saw them.  He didn’t think he could properly convey what he was seeing, so he decided to videotape the incident with his Blackberry.  (more…)