*Move over, Glenn Rice and Wyclef—apparently former 76er Charles Barkley has got a Sarah Palin jones as well.

On top of the recent bombshell revelation that Tea Party Palin allegedly had a one-night stand with former NBA player Glenn Rice, Barkley recently announced that he had been “crushin’” on Ms. Right Winger for quite a while.

Barkley appeared on ESPN’s “Waddle and Wally” radio show, where he gave kudos to Rice for allegedly sleeping with the former vice presidential candidate.

“If that story is true, more power to Glenn Rice.  I would never vote for her, I’ll always vote Democratic.  I think you’ve got a better chance of helping poor people if you vote Democratic…but I’ll always have a thing for Sarah Palin, and when I read that (about the Rice-Palin hookup), Glen Rice is my hero.”

Back in January, Barkley let loose about his attraction to Palin to “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan.  Morgan responded, “Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin; She’s good masturbation material.”

Yes, unfortunately we remember that. Just like it was yesterday.


Source:  Philly.com