*Actress/model Claudia Jordan is fearing for her life after a stalker has been calling her and showing up outside of events.

According to reports, for a few months this guy has been making threatening phone calls and claiming he loves her. But after this weekend, she’s fed up and has turned to police for help.

She told TMZ that the man began showing up at events she was hosting last November and began writing letters with inappropriate messages like, “How can you not want me?” and he also wrote that he was attracted to the “aroma of [Claudia’s] blood.”

She said the last straw was when he left a recent voicemail saying, “Since you won’t come and talk to me on a real level. You wanna go f**kin’ snitch to police.”

It continued with “Write me a check for $25,000 and I’ll leave you the f**k alone. You playing with the wrong ni**er.”

At this point, law enforcement is investigating the issue, but she’s considering taking it a step further by getting the FBI involved.