*Laura Govan admits she and her boo, NBAer Gilbert Arenas, got mad love for one another.

After splitting last year in what seemed like a relationship destroyed by a hurricane, the two came back together recently.

“We are back together…. We got black, ghetto…it’s crazy, dangerous in love…we got it all,” Laura said during her visit to “The Autumn Joi Live Show with Famous Dave” earlier this week.

But some doubt that they reunited simply over love.

When the two split, Govan and her kids moved to the West Coast after Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic. The family lived in a two bedroom apartment. Her friends were quite horrified at the set up, but she said it was a temporary spot.

So with the financial struggles of the situation, critics are looking on saying it was money that brought them back.

“We were in a place just for a short period of time. [People were like] ‘Oh my God, this is where she lives at?'” said Laura, who hinted that finances might be a factor in romance for her. “Don’t get it twisted. Come on y’all. I ain’t saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messing with no broke n!*ga.”

In an effort to clean up any confusion she said, “I feel like people need to understand that I paid my dues. I’ve been with this dude before he even had any money,” Laura said. “I remember there was a time we were both out eating cheeseburgers and I had to pay. So don’t get it twisted that lasted for a long time and I loved him then and I love him now but I’m not going to defend that.”

Further she highlighted that the two have built a family together in the ten years they’ve been together, so she doesn’t have to justify herself to nobody.

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