*Okay, get your dancing, er, steppin’ shoes on.

LJ Reynolds is shaking up the charts with a smoking new remake of the Marvin Gaye classic, “Come Get to This/Steppin’ Out Tonight.”

The song features the smooth stylings of Reynolds, and includes a stepping chorus that has got people singing along and igniting dance floors from coast to coast.

Reynolds, who fans recognize as lead singer of the incredible R&B group the Dramatics, has gained his own fan base in recent years with a thriving solo career.

“We re-recorded the Marvin Gaye record which was released in April and did a stepping thing on the end of it and the record took off so quick on us that I went out and shot the video,” said Reynolds, who released the single through his own record company, Detroit’s Motor City Hits. “I’m going to re-release ‘Come Get to This’ along with a single from my upcoming album, ‘Get to This,’ which drops September 20.”

In an exclusive interview with EURweb’s Lee Bailey, Reynolds said the single has received incredible chart action with fans clamoring for the album.

“The record shot up to number 23 on the charts and people started asking for the album that goes with that record, which is the LJ Reynolds Project,” said Reynolds. “So I immediately ran into the studio and I recorded the album and called it ‘Get to This.’ Right now, the record is doing a domino effect it just keeps going and going. It’s a big favorite with steppers in cities like Chicago and L.A.-anywhere there’s stepping, they’re into that record.”

The “Come Get to This/Steppin’ Out Tonight” video was directed by Karl King and produced by Reynolds. The video was filmed in a nightclub and features a lively crowd, sharp back-up musicians and chorus, and a bewitching video vixen named Clarissa. And of course, there’s Reynolds, who through the magic of film is multiplied four times to serve as his own back up group. And watch out if you see patrons in the club dressed as a doctor, nurse or a security guard-they’re all seen grooving on the dance floor.

“Everything you see in the video is out of my head,” said Reynolds,” from the dancers, the choreography, even the costumes.  “I went looking for groups of steppers and basically, I ended up using some instructors. A choreographer named Crystal helped out and did a great job choreographing those background steppers.  We filmed it in a club in Detroit called ‘Yesterday.’ It’s a beautiful club, really, really nice.  The people were so excited about having us over there and everybody is asking me, ‘Where was that filmed at?’  Forever is getting a lot of work since that video came out.”

Reynolds is looking forward to the release of the album and is debating which single to release first.

There are so many records to choose from.  I’m looking at ‘Baby Come Back’ or ‘Think About It.’ I have a record called ‘Cheat on Me’ that was inspired by my former wife,” said Reynolds, who said he received his divorce in January of last year.  “She inspired me to write that song because she constantly, constantly used that word.  And I think a lot of women do. So you can’t go wrong with something like that when you put it in the words of a song with a great melody. I’m getting a great response on that record. Also, there’s a beautiful song called ‘Like Crazy.’ That was written by a talented young producer, Quinton Denard II. His father, Quinton Denard, is a very well-known drummer who’s played with The Dramatics and Motown.”

Reynolds said many people were surprised when ‘Come Get to This’ created such a buzz on the airwaves.

“When ‘Come Get to This’ broke, I got phone calls from Bobby Womack and a lot of entertainers asking ‘LJ, how did you get this record on the radio?’ There’s no artist of my era-Peabo Bryson, Freddie Jackson, Anita Baker-people like that-none of those people were on the charts.  You go back and see media base in that time period, you’ll see LJ Reynolds and they were blasting that record. We were competing against these major record companies and they had more money, quite naturally, to promote their records, but we stood tall.”

Reynolds says the key to his success is that he keeps his sound current.

“I use young people on my records,” he revealed. “You get a young sound.  Young engineers, young producers, and they give you different sound of today, which is radio friendly.”

And when is not busy in the studio, Reynolds, who one could accurately call a renaissance man, keeps himself busy with other projects.

“I produce commercials. I’ve done several commercials for hotels and I’m producing a commercial for Ford Motors. I also write jingles.  And I plan to get into movies, too. I love film, I love movies, and I love writing and producing.”

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