*NBA legend, entrepreneur and  philanthropist Earvin “Magic” Johnson is in a sticky situation with union workers and the people of Brooklyn after his company is being accused of cheating labor unions out of their pay.

Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds began redeveloping urban neighborhoods and providing jobs and other opportunities.

However, some are saying the company along with several other contractors is trying to cut corners in a slick and dirty way, according to the NY Daily News.

Metallic Lathers Union Local 46 and the Mason Tenders District Council are claiming Long Island-based Lalezarian Developers and Manhattan-based JMH Development combined with HRH Construction attempted to swindle workers out of $7 million in wages and benefits for the past three years.

So to avoid any loss of money, HRH head Brad Singer supposedly created a front company called Leviathan to help skirt the expensive union contracts.

As far as Johnson’s company, in Aug. 2010, Canyon-Johnson was suspected to have cut a deal with the swindlers.

While Johnson’s company has not been named in the lawsuit filed by the begrudged union workers, he’s trying to avoid it at all costs, especially being that his company has had a good track record for a long time with labor unions.