*In all of her drama, NeNe Leakes says she is traumatized by the recent changes to the “Real Housewives of New York.”

“For them to take out some of the main characters that we’ve always been watching, it’s a little scary for me,” she said in reference to news that four of the original cast members are now out of the picture.

Some say she’s probably feeling this way because she fears change for the Atlanta show. However, what would it be without her and her drama.

But some changes are definitely in motion, as it is official Kim Zolciak won’t be back for another season.

NeNe didn’t have much to say on that topic.

“I think that every woman needs to be independent. You need to have a job. If that’s what’s happening in her life, great,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

As far as the soon-to-be-divorced reality star’s love life is concerned, she’s looking forward to love and a relationship again.

“I absolutely love being married, and I think love is a beautiful thing… I love love. The sooner it comes the better,” she said.

And supposedly her next love interest will be very different than her husband of 15 years, Gregg. Here’s a clue: She’s fond of Anderson Cooper and Simon Cowell.