*Eric Benet is a proud husband and dad with a new baby on the way. His daughter India has just entered into her second year of college as well. So while he’s soaking up the beautiful things in life, the singer is also celebrating his latest single “Real Love.”

The hit song is a part of a bigger project he’s working on for 2012. It’s bound to be a popular album all about love, life and happiness.

“I wrote ‘Real Love’ and let EMI hear it, and we decided we’d release that as the first single without any of the record done,” he told Essence. “So I’ll be spending the next four months working on a new record. I’ve started the creative process, so I know the direction and the feel, but ‘Real Love’ is the only song that’s completed.”

His seventh album will be a mixture of all that he is and what styles he’s acquired over his career from the soul to the Jazz.

With all things going right in his life, Benet feels very blessed. With his new wife Manuela and a career that continues to grow, the singer just couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Blessings abound. I’m just at this very happy, very fulfilling, exciting time in my life.

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