*Tennessee Titans running back  Chris Johnson is now in the money. He’s scheduled to sign a revised four-year, $53.5 million contract extension with $30 million guaranteed.

After holding out, the player is ready to go back to practice.

The team’s general manager complained that it was a tough negotiation, but they eventually got it done, ending Johnson’s 34th day of his own lockout.

Last year, his contract was revised, but he was set to earn only $1.065 million for this season. But he’ll be taking home $13 million in 2011 alone this time.

His deal is certainly going to set the trend as other running backs will be gleaning to Johnson’s when they decide to re-sign or resign with their teams.

The Titan’s season opener will be Sept. 11 at Jacksonville and according to experts, having the new coach, Mike Munchak, and Johnson is a winning combination and absolutely crucial to the success of the team.