*“Basketball Wives” is a whole enclave of drama and then some for both viewers and the cast.

Even though Meeka Claxton (pictured) is now officially gone from “BW,” executive producer Shaunie O’Neal recently revealed that there was a point when she started having doubts about Claxton although many had already signed her off as a troublemaker. She said it wasn’t until the cast trip (to Italy) that she began to notice what everyone else did.

“The most time I spent with her was in Rome and that’s when I figured out that she was a little sketchy. Before that, there were a few question marks, like ‘Why did you just say that?’ or ‘Why are you talking about that person?’ but I still gave her the benefit of the doubt,” Shaunie told VH1, “but when we got to Rome and things started catching up to her and she was mixing up what people said, it was like, this friendship is not gonna work. “I just didn’t find her to be an honest person at all and I think her intentions-I don’t know exactly what they were,” Shaunie continued.

But there is a glimmer of positivity reveling in the corners of Meeka’s dark soul. Shaunie confirmed the reality star was telling the truth about her friend.

“We have a mutual friend outside the show who let me know that she wanted to come on and be this star and shine, but the way she chose to do it, not so much,” said Shaunie who doesn’t seem upset at all that Meeka won’t be returning to the show for season 4. “All of us could probably take a vote right now and never want to see Meeka again and that’d be just fine. After Rome, none of the girls would film with her,” Shaunie confirmed.

Others on the show aren’t sobbing for the loss. Evelyn Lozada blames the girl for her own misfortune, stating it was Meeka’s rapacious lust to fit in and be on television.

“Meeka just came on as a fan of the show. She sent her picture in. She really wanted to be on the show. The producers didn’t search for her. She tried so hard to fit in instead of just being herself, and that’s where things backfired,” Evelyn said.