EUR just received the following letter/testimomonial that our photographer/publicist Steven Williams would like to share. It’s powerful and shows you that God’s favor can bring you through life’s trials and tribulations.


*My life there past three months have been horrific, challenging, and victorious… God has brought me through it all…and in his time.

July employer’s check bounces

July rent check bounces because of employer’s bad check

July 22nd Car accident, my car was totaled … I walk away without a broken bone! hallelujah

July 29 Lord blesses me with a used 740BMW from a stranger on Facebook. He walked me into his friend’s dealership they asked for $2000 down. I ask the Lord If this is his will ? I have only $650.00 and bad credit, the Lord gives me favor … they agree and I leave with a new used vehicle with promise to pay balance.

August  the  new car is stolen by a singer/model who I am photographing. I am sicken with grief we pray, “HELP LORD.” 7 hours later the police find the car and arrest him. Police report(11-015735 Monrovia) Lap top was stolen from car…and never recovered.

August hustling to pay bills and pay July’s rent … 6am I awaken to pray, 4 hours later the bank manager pays rent check, overdraws my account…that weekend I shoot two MTV video award parties and deposit monies Monday to my account … PTL (praise the Lord)

Sept.2 .2011  My Uncle phones me to tell me that my dad is in ICU dying of colon cancer, I immediately  drive 6 and 1/2 hours up to Oakland see Dad in ICU … 9PM God saves him and the Lord’s spirit rest on my Dad in hospital bed … so much so that 15 minutes later he asked us to pray with him again … He feels the awesome power that comes from praying to Jesus.

Sept 3. 2011 while I am shooting Chaka Khan concert in Palmdale I walk away from the venue and feel my Dad’s departure…1 minute later my uncle calls me and confirms my Dad has departed from this life.

Sept 4-19 No time to grieve, No insurance I must raise funds to bury my Dad. friends and family help out. Mortuary only charge me $460.00 to bring dad’s body from Oakland to Los Angeles (miracle). Sept 12 … I have only $2000.00 for the mortuary and she lets me owe the $1500 balance until Monday Sept. 19.2011. God is faithful … I feel like I have gone through the JOB experience … My God shall supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory!!!

 Today, Sept. 23 – 9:35AM … both checks hit my account rent and balance owed from dad’s funeral totaling  $2850.00, I am now overdrawn  $1069.25. I pray with my cousin this morning. I phoned the bank … God gives me favor with the branch manager … he pays both checks …  can u believe it?! I don’t have overdraft, I don’t have super credit … but I have God’s favor like you do.

My God shall supply all of your needs according to his riches and glory. It has been a horrific season for me these last three months, but the Lord has brought me through the car accident, employer checks bouncing, NEW USED car theft, dad’s death and paid all the bills. We must have faith in our father and speak the word over our circumstances … Don’t wait till the battle is over … PRAISE HIM NOW!!! WE SHALL OVERCOME OUR OBSTACLES IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!



Steven Williams
[email protected]