*One by one, our NBA stars are finding other means of employment as the NBA lockout forges on.

The Washington Post reports that Delonte West, who made a little more than $1 million last year with the Boston Celtics, has taken a warehouse job with the Regency Furniture store in Brandywine, Md.

During his seven-year NBA career, West, 28, has been paid about $14 million, according to the Post. But West tweeted this week that he needed a second job “to stay afloat during the lockout.”

As previously reported, Kobe Bryant is reportedly signing with a team in Italy. But an overseas move is not allowed for West. During the summer, a judge rejected his request to be allowed to work abroad, because he’s on probation stemming from a weapons case.

After that decision came down, West, currently a free agent, tweeted that it was time to put his pride aside, and that he had applied for work at Home Depot. Apparently, that gig never came through.  But Regency Furniture did. Check out his tweeted photos below.