Russell Simmons attends the unveiling of Angela Simmons' PETA campaign at the Paramount Hotel on Sept. 27, 2011 in New York City

*Russell Simmons says the television landscape needs an integrated channel that better reflects American culture – and he’s the one to make it happen.

The music mogul is looking to buy a TV network, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The channel would be truly “diverse,” not segregated as is the standard now. Simmons said at a charity event in Hong Kong Tuesday that when mainstream networks “say diversity they mean segregation. ‘Let’s do some more black TV.’ Instead, there’s all these cultures that should be more integrated properly.”

Simmons also said, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Networks are a little slow in how mainstream culture is shifting. There’s a lack of integration in Hollywood, and I want to address that.”

The Def Jam Recordings honcho also revealed during the event that he’s working with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard on a television project. A formal announcement about it is coming soon, promised Simmons, “Now you’ve heard about it. It’s going to happen.”