*Venus Williams fell ill last week. It was reported that she dropped out of the U.S. Open due to her battle with Sjögren’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease.

But sister Serena Williams, updated the press about her sister’s health, saying she’s getting better.

“It’s a day-at-a-time kind of a thing. Her spirits are good, however.”

Both ladies have been hit with health issues this year. Serena was hit with pulmonary embolism and had to undergo emergency treatment to remove blood clot in her leg.

Since the stressful moments, Serena is forming a new view about life and tennis.

“Tennis is great, but [Venus’s illness] puts everything in perspective,” the younger Williams sister confessed. “I love playing tennis and I love the battle, but I realize that life is so precious and it isn’t all about tennis.”

In the meantime, she plans to bring home the title in her sister’s honor.