*Be afraid … be very afraid.

If you don’t mind 90 minutes of nonstop shark action, then the horror-thriller film “Shark Night 3D is for you.

Swimming into theatres on Sept. 3rd, Shark Night 3D depicts seven college friends who gear up for a weekend of sun and fun at a lake house on Louisiana’s picturesque Lake Ponchatrain. But the idyllic vacation turns deadly when the friends discover that the lake is infested with man-eating sharks.

Can we say ‘bon appétit’ anyone?

Malik (Sinqua Walls) is terrorized by a shark in 'Shark Night 3D'

The action starts right away when Malik Henry (Sinqua Walls), the strapping  African college football player, gets his arm ripped off by a hammerhead shark, dashing his dreams of playing for the NFL.

As the friends race across the lake in a tiny speedboat to get Malik help, they find themselves locked in a vicious battle of sheer survival with the massive, flesh-eating predators-and prey to a mysterious character’s sick little game of counting who will survive the underwater bloodbath.

With the United States topping the list for shark attacks worldwide, “Shark Night 3 D” depicts a suspenseful tale of survival as the group try desperately to fend off the sharks and stay alive.

David Ellis (The Final Destination, Snakes on a Plane), who directs the shark fest, said:

“We have bull sharks, tiger sharks, cookie-cutter sharks, hammerheads, makos and a great white.”

The sharks, which weighed about 700 pounds and ranged from 10 to 12 feet, were computer controlled to move their jaws and heads. Each shark was researched to accurately portray how it inflicts its own particular type of devastation.

With the movie filmed in 3D, moviegoers will find themselves caught right in the middle of the action as the realistic sharks appear to chomp their way right off the screen.

The young cast recently talked about filming the movie and working with animatronic sharks that were not only frightening, but looked like the real thing.

“The sharks were scary,” confessed actor Joel David Moore, who noted that 40 members of the crew were on set just to ensure that the shark scenes went smoothly. “The sharks could float and turn around. They really looked and moved like real sharks.”

Actress Alyssa Diaz, who plays Maya, Malik’s fiery Latina girlfriend, said that the shoot held a few scary moments.

“I’m really afraid of sharks-and alligators. I was shooting the last scene in the movie and I see this thing floating in the water. I thought it was a log. Then the log disappeared. I said, “Oh, the log is gone.'” But the log turned out to be an alligator. My stunt double tried to give me tips about how to deal with this alligator in the water.  I just freaked out,” she laughs.

Maya (Alyssa Diaz) is scared out of her mind in 'Shark Night 3D'

Diaz said it was easy to play Wall’s love interest.  “We really bonded on set,” she said.

“In the movie, Malik and I are madly in love.  He loses his arm and I’m trying to save him, but unfortunately, we’re in the middle of nowhere.”

The actors said that the first two weeks of filming occurred in an eight-foot-deep tank in murky water that obstructed their vision.

“The water in the lake was so heavy,” said Walls.  “It catered to our fear.”

Walls added he actually performed hand-to-hand combat with an animatronic hammerhead shark. “The hammerhead shark is a bad dude.  He doesn’t play around. He has teeth and eyes that move in his head. There’s a sequence where I fight valiantly and courageously with this hammerhead shark. I told the shark, “I have great respect for you, man.” He said, “You, too.”
“I tried to stare the sharks down,” said actor Dustin Milligan, who plays college student Nick.  “I looked at them in the retinas.”

Sara Paxton, who plays Sara, the protagonist who invites her friends to the lake house, said that her character carries a dark secret. “She’s a seeker. Her dark secret is connected with the sharks.”

Paxton said she was drawn to the part when Director David Ellis asked her …

“Do you want to come to Louisiana and learn how to pilot a boat?”  Learning to drive a boat was fun,” she said. “I was able to go really fast and do all of these tricks. It was awesome. I felt like such a badass.”

Paxton said that she has nothing but admiration for Ellis.

“Ellis was so passionate; he got me so excited about the film. He managed to make every day a really good time even though what were doing was intense. The movie was emotionally demanding, but filming ‘Shark Night 3D’ was really fun.”

“Shark Night 3D” opens on September 2nd in theaters throughout North America.