*Swizz Beatz has finally settled the child support issue regarding his 3-year-old daughter, Nicole,  with Russian woman named Zhanna Andrianova. For some time now, the two have been battling it out in the court over money.

According to his lawyer, all of the producer’s four children are from four different women.

Before tying the knot with current love, Alicia Keys last summer, Zhanna, who is a singer, announced to the public she had a baby, Nicole, with Swizz.

The NY Post says he agreed to pay his child’s mother’s $42,000 legal fee as part of the settlement, signed by him in July and her in August, and a judge at Manhattan Family Court granted them a money judgment Thursday to pursue payment, which could have resulted in his assets being seized or bank accounts frozen.

The bottom line is that Beatz sent a check for full payment to Andrianova’s lawyer, divorce attorney Raoul Felder on Friday.

Zhanna Andrianova & daughter Nicole