*Terrence Howard might be in a sticky situation. The actor allegedly made a threatening message on a stranger’s voicemail about calling his wife.

“N**ga, you been calling my wife… If you call my wife again I’m going to come to your house and I’m going to cut your f***ing throat,” Terrence says in the message. “Understand that. I’m gonna tell you this one time. You call my wife again, I’m going to kill you.”

But according to a source, it was a bad joke.

A female friend of the source said she obtained Terrence’s phone number from another friend and decided to prank call him after a night of drinking. On the message, the caller expressed her undying love.

“Her phone was dead, so she used mine and left about a three-minute voicemail professing her love for him,” the source — who wishes to remain anonymous — told RadarOnline.com. “But apparently the call was made to his wife’s phone, not his. I’m assuming she got the voicemail of my friend gushing about Terrence and questioned him about it.”

He left the message on Aug. 31, but called again on Sept. 7 to apologize.

“I’m so sorry for calling you and speaking that way,” Terrence said. “I thought you were somebody that’s been harassing my wife. Please forgive me.”

He also followed up with a text message to ensure the apology came across.

“My wife told me that she was receiving obscene text from you and that she was being harassed. Therefore I responded with the protective nature that a husband has for his wife,” Terrence wrote. “Forgive me for the anger, but as you are watching over your girl friend, I too am devoted to my love.”

The couple, by the way, wed last year in a secret ceremony, but by February of this year, she, Michelle Ghent, filed for divorce. However, it looks like the two are back on good terms.

Click HERE to HEAR Terrence Howard’s death threat voicemail.
Click HERE to HEAR Terrence Howard’s apology voicemail.