Michael Clarke Duncan in "Redemption Road"

*Acclaimed actor-director Mario Van Peebles taps Michael Clarke Duncan for his latest directorial effort, “Redemption Road.”

The Tennessee-set drama follows two men from different backgrounds embarking on a music-steered journey through the deep south who are then linked by a series of events that took place years earlier.

L-R: Charlie Poe, left, Mario Van Peebles, center, and actor Luke Perry, right, on the set of “Redemption Road.”

“One of the things that drew me to it was it has life affirming quality to it. You see a lot of films where you don’t care for the people and you’re watching them do things, but it just doesn’t help us out,” Van Peebles told The Huffington Post. “Dr. [Martin Luther] King said, ‘We either learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we die together as fools.’ And I think ‘Redemption Road’ is about some very different folks having to learn how to live together as brothers and sisters.”

Duncan, also the film’s co-producer, says it was his character Augy and the direction of Peebles that drew him to the film.

“I never played a character like that,” he said. “Independent movies sometimes come along and the script is so good that you want to be involved in it. It wasn’t about the money, it was all about the script. The second thing that attracted me to this movie was Mario Van Peebles. Just to be able to work with that brother, I’ve met him several times before. And just to know him and to know how cool he is, and to finally get to work with a director like that, it was unbelievable.”

“Since I co-produced the movie, the brother was in my trailer literally every morning for 40 minutes,” Duncan continued. “We would go over lines and go over what we would do for the day before the sun set. And the brother is truly intelligent, he knows his game, he’s on top of his game, and those are the two main things that attracted me to the movie.”

The film, currently in limited release, also stars Morgan Simpson and Luke Perry. [Scroll down to watch the trailer.]

Meanwhile, Mario Van Peebles is set to share the big screen alongside his iconic father, Melvin Van Peebles, in his forthcoming flick, “We The Party,” set to hit theaters early 2012. Michael Clarke Duncan’s FOX series, “The Finder,” premieres on Jan. 5 immediately following “American Idol.”