*Tyrese Gibson was escorted off the premises of a Delaware radio station on Tuesday after taking a stand against liquor stores near elementary schools.

The “Transformers” star, a guest at WJKS KISS 101.7, said that while driving to the station he saw a liquor store operating near a school.

He told the DJ, “Get them cats out of here …selling alcohol right across from your kids’ school, homie – put the pressure on them homie … you know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood.”

The show went to commercial and Tyrese was asked to leave the building.

According to TMZ, the radio station owner felt the actor was “disrespecting” the Delaware community with his comments. Tyrese confirmed the incident, tweeting “I just got kicked out of a radio station from a [program director] who had a problem w/ me speaking on liquor stores that are by elementary schools in Delaware.”

A few hours later he added, “If you don’t STAND for something.. You will damn near fall for Anything. If you don’t know WHO you are.. Or your purpose in life.. You will go your whole life with people TELLING you who you are..”

Tyrese explains more in this phone call to TMZ.