*Tyra Banks got verklempt when recalling a fan tweet promoting the release of her first work of fiction.

“You forget that people are gonna be excited about (the book) and are gonna read it,” she told the Associated Press in tears. “That was really touching to see that … especially for something new. I’m new at this. I’ve never written a fiction book before and that really touched me.”

“Modelland,” which is now in stores, is the first of a three-book young adult series from Delacorte, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books. It follows an awkward teen named Tookie De La Creme who gets invited to attend an elite academy called Modelland. [Scroll down for the promo.]

It makes sense why Banks would want to write a book for young adults. The 37-year-old Banks has an affinity toward empowering young women.

“That’s an audience that I personally am passionate about. I feel like young girls in particular are going through that transition into adulthood and there’s a lot of self-doubt, there’s a lot of insecurity, there’s a lot of self-acceptance issues when they look in the mirror at their reflection and they don’t necessarily feel good enough or that they measure up,” Banks said.