*Dewey Bozella wanted just one shot, one chance, to box professionally.

After spending 26 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, he finally got the chance to step into the ring – and he made the most of it.

Bozella, 52, won a unanimous decision over Larry Hopkins, 30, in Los Angeles on Saturday night, bringing the crowd at the Staples Center to its feet.

“I used to lay in my cell and dream about this happening,” Bozella said. “It was all worth it. It was my dream come true.”

Bozella became one of the oldest boxers ever to fight in a sanctioned match, and for the first two rounds Saturday night he looked it.

But he appeared to gain confidence as the bout went on, and his superior conditioning over his much younger opponent began to show.

Bozella landed his best right of the night as the buzzer for the fourth and final round sounded.

It was a fitting ending for a boxer who said he was fighting with a simple message: “Don’t ever give up.”

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