Karimah Westbrooks

*Los Angeles, CA — Revitalized by this weekend’s release of the highly anticipated film “The Rum Diary,” an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel, a gonzo-eye’s view of a world first charted by Graham Greene, starring Johnny Depp – Actress Karimah Westbrook, who portrays Papa Nebo – a hermaphrodite oracle of the dead, has a new movie and most importantly a new outlook and she is ready to claim her position as Hollywood’s one to watch.

In “The Rum Diary,” the story of an American journalist (Johnny Depp) working in Puerto Rico in the 1950s, Westbrook shares the big screen with Depp working her magic as Papa Nebo; literally speaking a language only she and actor Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar, Public Enemies) comprehends.

When the guys come to Papa Nebo for her help, she assists them in achieving an important goal. Although barely recognizable, and on screen for only a few moments, Westbrook owned the giberrish speaking character impressing Director Bruce Robinson with her work. In a letter to Westbrook after filming, Robinson wrote:

“Karimah, I wanted to thank you so very much for your fabulous work-got to be nearly impossible to come in and do what you did-but you did it. The character you created is utterly unique and very very funny. You are a fabulous actress and if I ever make another movie you’ll be in it.”

“This is what makes acting fun,” comments Westbrook. “The freedom to create unique characters under the guidance of talented directors is a dream come true.  As one of a few Black actresses having the opportunity to work with the amazing Johnny Depp, this experience has confirmed my attitude about the possibilities. I hope the momentum continues for myself and for others like me here in Hollywood.”

To learn more about Karimah Westbrook and her previous work, as well as future projects, follow her on: Twitter (@only1karimah), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/actresskarimahwestbrook), IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/me/karimahwestbrook) or Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/SoulTraveling003).

Kariman Westbrooks plays Papa Nebo, a hermaphrodite oracle of the dead, in 'Rum Diary' starring Johnny Depp.




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