*Bishop Eddie Long is speaking out now about his sex scandal cases, but it’s not what you think.

While he’s in a bit of legal trouble all the way around, his finances are more than suffering. And in what seemed to be a cry of desperation, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church preacher is asking his accusers for his money back according to AJC.com

He’s serious about it too. But it’s not going to be as easy. Here’s what Atlanta litigator Hayden Price told AJC.com:

“No one’s going to turn over the money just simply because you’ve asked for it. You’re going to have to earn it back by establishing your right to it in the courts.”

Pace reminded that Georgia courts make it a practice and a policy to uphold a settlement.

Jamal Parris, Spencer LeGrande and Centino Kemp, three of the five accusers, were sent letters last week from an Atlanta based law firm saying they had violated the confidentiality terms of the outlined agreement with long and the church.

The firm is seeking at least $900,000 already paid to the accusers.

Both LeGrande and Kemp stated recently they were going to write books disclosing the dirty details and nature of their relationship with Long.

In the midst of all this drama, Long recently settled a property lawsuit for allegedly defaulting on a $2 million bank loan.