*The Congressional Black Caucus is planning another road trip around the nation, but the goal this time will be to raise awareness about redistricting and new voter laws that could disenfranchise millions of Americans in 2012 and prevent them from casting ballots.

The caucus’ jobs fair and town hall meetings made headlines this summer as it tried to call attention to soaring African-American unemployment rates, the group hoping to have the same effect on voters who may not be aware of the possibility that they may be turned away at the polls next year.

The details are still being worked out, but CBC Chairman Emanuel Cleaver told BET.com that “we believe that it’s important that everybody in the country understands that in the world’s leading democracy there’s an attempt to reduce voter turnout and we think that it’s so alien to what our country has fought for, that it requires a lot of work to make sure that it is widely known.”

The CBC met with Attorney General Eric Holder during its weekly meeting on Wednesday, but any mention of redistricting or new voter ID laws was verboten because the AG’s civil rights division must pre-clear new laws in states that have a history of discrimination and must comply with the Voting Rights Act as a result of their previous records.

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