C Double R with a copy of REACTIONS

*Sex and relationship columnist C Double R makes her debut as an author with her erotic suspense novel entitled “REACTIONS – Every Action has a Reaction.”

C Double R drew from her writing experiences as a columnist and used her vivid imagination to come up with plot ideas.

“This is the kind of book that will draw you in from the first page with its eroticism and interesting characters” the author said. “The suspense will keep you guessing and the surprise ending will knock your socks off.”

REACTIONS is the first of a planned series of erotic suspense books from C Double R.

“The ending of REACTIONS lays the ground work for REACTIONS II – New Beginnings which is an extension and continuation of REACTIONS but with introductions of new characters and more attention-grabbing plots,” says C Double R. “To entice readers I’ve included a brief excerpt of REACTIONS II at the end of the book.”

The series will capture the foibles, heartbreaks, deceptions and sacrifices we make when it comes to our relationships and the sensual characters will always leave you wanting more. Each storyline will always make you remember “for every action there is a reaction.”

You can pick up your copy of REACTIONS at www.cdoubler.com or at Amazon.com.  You can also pick up your copy from any major book retailer.

C Double R is a sex and relationship columnist, blogger and a former relationship radio talk show host. She resides on the east coast with her son.



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