*In an interview with Vibe magazine, Chris Rock was asked about the trend of black actors like Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence wearing dresses – all the way to the bank.

“I mean, hey, lots of comedians dress up like women, not just black. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Men in drag,” he said. “There was Mrs. Doubtfire. [Adam] Sandler’s next movies is’ Jack and Jill.’ He plays his brother and sister.

(L-R) Martin Lawrence as Big Momma, Tyler Perry as Madea

“[The black community] doesn’t have that many movies, so if there’s only four black movies in a year and two of them star black men in dresses, I could see how that would upset some people. But that’s a job for some people.

“Tyler Perry is great in a dress, but I don’t want to see Denzel or Will Smith in a dress. And I don’t think we’re in any danger of seeing that.”

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